Davanagere – A major district in Central Karnataka, Davangere is popular for textile industry. Davangere Cotton Mills is a very popular name. Now this town is growing rapidly. The first name of Davanagere was “Devanagari” which gradually became Davanagere. Davanagere is a major trading venue in Central Karnataka where cotton, maize, chickpea, sunflower, corn, rice / rice and other major commercial crops can be bought from other districts of Karnataka

Agriculture is the highest contributor in the economic development of the district. Soil and climatic conditions favorable for growing horticulture crops.

Agriculture and food processing :
  • Provides the highest employment in the district
  • 3 sugar industries located here
  • Small rice mills also present
Textile and Handloom :
  • Known as the Manchester of Karnataka
  • Favourable soil conditions with black alluvial soil
  • 50 acre apparel park proposed in the district
  • Textile constitutes 13% of the SSI units
Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Sericulture :
  • Shanthisagar- 2nd largest freshwater lake in Asia
  • Tungabhadra river and 421 minor tanks provide enough scope
  • Animal husbandry accounts for INR 179 crores annually
  • Sericulture practiced in 176 villages by 590 farmers
  • Supporting infrastructure such as cocoon markets are well established here.