Area Based Development

Proposed Old City Bus Stand Re-Development

  • Basement Floor:
  • Four wheeler parking = 63 no’s
  • Two Wheeler Parking = 95 no’s
  • Ground Floor:
  • Bus Bays = 12 no’s
  • Passenger waiting area with Toilets
  • Mezzanine Floor: Waiting area with Toilet Facility
  • Typical First and Second Floor: Retail Shop and Office

Redevelopment of KSRTC Bus stand

  • Total Area-30166 Sq mt
  • Basement- Parking
  • Ground Floor- bus terminal, Mall, KSRTC lounge
  • Mezzanine Floor- Restaurants
  • First, Second and Third Floor- Mall and KSRTC Offices. Dormitory etc.

Providing Bus terminal to Jagaluru Bus stand

  • Ground Floor- Bus Bays and other amenities
  • Toilets and rest rooms and Hotels

Amenity Center

  • Ground Floor- 900 Sq Mtr area includes Lobby, Function Hall, Change room , Green room, Disabled toilets etc.
  • First Floor-700 Sq Mtr area includes Dormitory, Kitchen, Balcony, toilets, Guest room etc.

Maternity Hospital in Basha nagar in ABD Area.

  • Ground Floor- Operation theatre, Labour room and Doctors room.
  • First Floor- Ward Rooms and Nursing Station

Improvement to Urdu school in Maganalli Road

  • Ground Floor- School rooms and toilets.
  • First floor- Office rooms and toilets
  • Other Improvement- Water proofing to existing Buildings, Restoration of Doors and Windows. Painting etc.

Relocation of Old Bus stand

  • Temporary Bus Bays of Private Buses and Shops for vendors.
  • Providing Basic amenities like Parking, Rest room, Toilets, Waiting Area, Water supply etc., for Bus stand.

Economic Rejuvenation of Mandipet Area-Smart Roads

  • 6 Smart Roads.
  • Smart roads: Mandipete Road, Chowkipet Road, Chamarajapet Road, M.G Road, Binny Company road, KR Market road.
  • Improvement of drains & footpath : KR to HC Road, NR Road.
  • Project Key-highlights :
    1. CC Pavement
    2. Utility
    3. Water Supply
    4. UGD
    5. Strom Water Drains
    6. LED Street Lights


  • Status: 8 Total length -510m. PQC work completed up to 495m. SWD &UGD work is completed. Utility ducts for 395m (RHS+LHS) is completed. Footpath and house service collection chamber construction in progress.



  • Total Length – 416m. Laying of PQC completed from Ch 0 to 410m. Water supply and gaseline 385m completed. Footpath and house service collection chamber construction in progress.

Major Storm water Drains in ABD area

  • Status: 80% of the work have been completed for the projects No: 1 to 6

Major Storm Water Drains

Remodelling of Storm Water Drains in ABD Area Kondajii Road Drain Drain No:D1,D1A,D2,D3,D5&D6

Major Storm Water Drains

Remodelling of Storm Water Drains in ABD Area Kondajii Road Drain-Drain No:D4A & D4B

Major Storm Water Drains

Remodelling of Storm Water Drains in ABD Area-In front of Fish market to Maganahalli halla -Drain No:D13, D14 & D15

Secondary Storm Water Drains

Remodelling of Storm Water Drains around Durgambika temple

  • Total length – 4.9km. 1000 m raft and wall completed.

Smart Toilets

  • Project has been proposed to install Smart toilets in various parks and public areas in the entire Davanagere city.
  • Phase 1: Installation have been proposed in 9 parks.
  • Phase 2: 31 locations have been identified for the installation.

Improvement of Junctions

  • Phase1 – 9 Junctions, Phase 2: 4 Junctions.
  • Components Considered: Foot paths, storm water drains, traffic Islands, road markings, signage and safety measures, lighting.
  • Junctions are considered pan-city wide.

Comprehensive Bin less Solid Waste Management System

Scope of work & functioning

  1. Source segregation at household level.
  2. Waste Quantification & Characterization.
  3. Primary collocation through door to door.
  4. Solid waste transportation by secondary collection to disposal site.
  5. Waste treatment and disposal.
  6. Digital Solutions for effective SWM Monitoring.
  7. FID Based Monitoring of waste collection & Transportation.

Development of Kalyani at Hondadha Circle and Clock Tower

  • Defunct Water Tank / Kalyani exists near Hondada Circle, which has cultural significance to the history of Durgambika Temple is envisaged developed to create a city level recreational area.

  • Clock Tower is envisaged as a public plaza that will enhance its heritage character and mark a city-level plaza cum open space bringing Identity to the city.

Construction of Barrage across Tungabhadra River for 24×7 Water Supply to Davanagere City

  • Location: Near Rajanahalli, Across Tungabhadra River
  • Storage Capacity: 0.20 TMC
  • Type of Gates: Automatic Falling Gates
  • Length of Barrage: 550m

Gym & Play equipment in parks

  • Total units – 14 No’s of Parks

Installation of Signage’s & Road Safety Audit

  • Total units – 14 No’s of Parks