Intelligent Transport System


For efficient city operations, it is essential for city operators to monitor the location of fleet of city vehicles (Public Transit). Specifically, in the case of mission critical emergencies, vehicle tracking is imperative for a swift, prompt and efficient response. Through integration of VLS (Vehicle Locating System) with city vehicles, response route optimization and calculation of response time for the city vehicles can also be done. This greatly improves the service of city operations.

Components of Intelligent Transport System include:

  • Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Vehicle Tracking Application – Passenger Information System
  • PIS Application
  • PIS Displays

Fare Details

Route Fare (Rs)
Shamanur to Akthar Raza Circle (Vice Versa) 25
Arallimara To Nutan College (Vice Versa) 25
Hondada Circle To Saraswathi Nagara (Vice Versa) 25
PG Center To Vidhyanagara (Vice Versa) 25
Shamanur To SS hi-tech hospital (Vice Versa) 25
Ramnagara To Vidyanagara (Vice Versa) 25
Students Bus Pass Fee for 2022-23
SL.No. Type of Pass Duration Pass Amount (Rs) Total Pass Amount (Rs) (Including Pc+ARf)
1 Primary School 10 Months Free Free 150 150
2 High school (Boys) 10 Months 600 Free 750 150
3 High school (Girls) 10 Months 400 Free 550 150
4 PUC / Degree /Diploma 10 Months 900 Free 1,050 150
5 ITI 12 Months 1,150 Free 1,310 150
6 Professional Courses 10 Months 1,400 Free 1,550 150
7 Evening College / Ph.D Scholars 10 Months 1,200 Free 1,350 150
(*including PC-Processing Charges and ARF – Accident Relief Fund)
fare details
Students Bus Pass
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