City Surveillance System @ Davanagere


    The solution will have the following key components

CCTV Cameras

  • The surveillance system will be a combination of Fixed Box and PTZ CCTV cameras
  • The CCTV cameras will be installed at major traffic junctions and other sensitive locations including schools, colleges, railway station, bus terminal, bus stops, markets, etc.

Video Management System

  • Video Management System (VMS) is the application software of the Surveillance System which will be used to manage the videos received from various cameras. The VMS will be hosted at Data Centre.
  • The VMS will have the capability for the users to view, modify and configure CCTV cameras

Video Analytics

The CCTV Surveillance system will be supported by advanced Video Analytics comprising the following:

  • Unattended object detection
  • Suspicious object (such as Gun, knife, etc.) detection
  • Motion / intrusion detection
  • Camera vandalism and tamper detection

User Interface/ Client System

The User Interface will have the following broad features:

  • Viewing live video from cameras on the surveillance system
  • Browsing recordings from storage
  • Creating multiple views and switching between them
  • Viewing video from selected

System Administration

  • The Surveillance System will offer centralised management of all devices, servers and users.
  • Various users will have access to the system using single sign on and will be role based. Different roles will include Administrator, Supervisor, Officer, Operator, etc.

    Those big yellow boxes may be the bane of your life, but they’re there for your safety.

  • PTZ Camera

  • Fixed Box Camera

  • Camera to support ANPR

  • Camera to support RLVD

  • Public Address System

  • Variable Messaging System

  • Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

  • Video Management System (VMS)

  • Video Analytics (VA)

  • Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) System

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System


    The Scope of City Surveillance component is listed in the table below

Scope of City Surveillance Component

  • City Surveillance

    Traffic Junctions
    • PTZ Cameras
    • Fixed Cameras
    Other Locations:
    • PTZ Camera
    • Fixed Box Camera
    • ANPR setups at locations
    • Mobile Surveillance Vehicles fitted with PTZ cameras
    • Other components: Poles, UPS, LAN switch, passive items, etc.
  • Network Infrastructure

    MPLS / Leased Lines for each of the locations shall be taken from the ISP for sending the video feeds to the Server Room at CCC Building, Network connectivity within the city for devices. Connectivity between CCC and satellite control room.

  • Surveillance System Applications

    • Video Management System (VMS)
    • Video Analytics (VA)

    Various video analytics that shall be offered on identified cameras are