Server Room


The CCC/SCCC shall facilitate the authority with a viewing and controlling mechanism for selected field locations in a fully automated environment for optimized monitoring, regulation and enforcement of services. CCC shall be accessible by operators and concerned agencies with necessary authentication credentials. CCC shall be used and manned by the DSCL officers to keep surveillance on civil issues.

Category Scope
Command & Control Centre and Satellite Command & Control Centre CCC / SCCC ICT Components
Support System
Network Backbone Network within the City
Various Layers of CCC includes

Field Layer

The Field layer will capture information from the edge level devices like intelligent traffic signals, traffic enforcement equipment, cameras, environment sensors, parking devices, information kiosks, etc. and will transmit the same to Data Centre through the Network Layer. The Field layer will also disseminate information to the citizens through LED displays, VMS, information kiosks, etc.

Network Layer

The Network layer will serve as the communication backbone for the project and provide connectivity between the field layer and Data Centre/CCC. The Network layer will be based on high bandwidth optical fiber network.

City Operations Platform (COP)

The COP will comprise Data Centre at KMDS, and Integrated Application software and ICT infrastructure. It will be used to receive data from Field Layer, process and store it and to provide user interfaces for managing various solutions. The COP will contain data aggregation and management systems (rules engines, alerting systems, diagnostics systems, control systems, messaging system, events handling system).

Application Layer

The Application Layer will enable DSCL and other users to render services using the ICT solutions deployed. It will also be used to maintain the upkeep of the edge devices and other components of the solutions. IoT devices communicate to IoT platform through application layer.

Key ICT Infrastructure at CCC and SCCC
  • Video Wall

    Video Wall will be an important component of CCC and SCCC. It will be used by the operators to monitor the feeds being received from various field equipment, network and other components of the system.

  • Monitoring Workstations

    The CCC and SCCC will have monitoring workstations for the operators. The monitor workstations will be connected on the local area network.

  • Network Printers

    The CCC and SCCC will have printer, for printing of reports and other documents as required. The printer will be network, color, multi-function, laser printing, supporting printing, copying and scanning functions for up to A3 paper sizes. The printers will be connected on the local area network from switch, so that all the operators are able to use the same.

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Connectivity

    All the IT components in CCC and SCCC will be connected in a local area network so that the same can share the common resources such as internet connectivity, network printer, etc.

  • Video Conferencing Facility

    The CCC will have video conferencing facility, which will be used for meetings with remote locations and remote training of users, etc. The video conference equipment will include video conference unit, HD camera, speakers, microphones and two LED displays.

  • Building Management System (BMS)

    A building management system (BMS), or building automation system (BAS), proposed for CCC building Controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment. A BMS consists of software and hardware. BMS comes out with the benefit of Possibility of individual room control, increased staff productivity, effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption, improved plant reliability and life, effective response to HVAC-related complaints, save time and money during the maintenance.

  • Server Room

    The IT hardware infrastructure at the Server Room for successful operations of the systems. The DC will be hosted within designated area on first floor of the CCC building.

    A state-of-the-art Server Room facility will be established at Command & Control Centre at the identified location that will house the IT and non-IT infrastructure for the complete operation of the Integrated Security and Surveillance system for Davanagere city.

  • NOC Room

    Network Operations Centre (NOC), to be operated from CCC, would be the central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor the network. NOC would have the capability of analyzing problems, performing troubleshooting, communicating with site technicians and tracking problems until they are resolved. NOC will also have the capability able to monitor the DC from the centralize location. The NOC may be utilized to administrators manage, control and monitor the network System integrator should ensure sufficient qualified and man power for NOC operations. NOC will be managed 24x7x365 and accordingly manpower should be planned by the SI.